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November 2018


By | Honors Chemistry
  • Questions on Empirical Formula problem set? Complete Additional Problems #1 and 2 (due Friday)
  • Limiting reactant problem set: do practice problems (Additional problems #s 1-4 will be due next Tuesday)
  • Read pages 106-113


By | AP Biology
  • Cell respiration and Photosynthesis Labs quiz
  • Photosynthesis full lab write-up due Monday; submission must be typed and submitted as a hard copy; no digital submissions will be accepted
  • Unit exam preview; exam tomorrow
  • Begin Chapter 13 summary

Please note

By | AP Biology

Due to a lack of participation by all group members in the production of the lab trifolds, the photosynthesis lab will NOT be a trifold but rather an individual submission. See the rubric in the folder section to design the lab write-up


By | AP Biology
  • Cell Division gallery walk
  • Cell respiration and Photosynthesis Labs quiz tomorrow
  • Know: safety hazards, plant pigments, how to calculate Rf values, photosynthesis reactants, purpose of the soap solution, name of the apparatus used in the cell respiration experiment, independent and dependent variables, gas law formula