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April 10, 2019

NHS 2019-2020 officers

By National Honors Society

The results are in!  These are the officers that have been elected to the following positions for National Honor Society for the next school year:

President: Tran Hoang

Vice president: Kai Dieng

Treasurer: Jason Nguyen

Secretary: Mirjana Knepprath

Historian: Gen Cha

Congratulations to these new officers.  I (Mr. Mapplebeck) look forward to working with you in the future and help with the transition between our current officers and the officer-elect candidates.  Thank-you you to all who participated in the election process.


By AP Biology
  • Reproduction summary
  • Embryology summary
  • Reproduction diagram, muscle diagram, and embryology concept map due Tuesday April 23rd
  • Begin Chapter 48 summary