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April 10, 2019

NHS 2019-2020 officers

By | National Honors Society

The results are in!  These are the officers that have been elected to the following positions for National Honor Society for the next school year:

President: Tran Hoang

Vice president: Kai Dieng

Treasurer: Jason Nguyen

Secretary: Mirjana Knepprath

Historian: Gen Cha

Congratulations to these new officers.  I (Mr. Mapplebeck) look forward to working with you in the future and help with the transition between our current officers and the officer-elect candidates.  Thank-you you to all who participated in the election process.


By | AP Biology
  • Reproduction summary
  • Embryology summary
  • Reproduction diagram, muscle diagram, and embryology concept map due Tuesday April 23rd
  • Begin Chapter 48 summary