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November 4, 2019

Prudential Spirit Award

By National Honors Society

Students can apply at nassp.org/spirit or spirit.prudential.com

  • By November 5, 2019, students must submit their completed applications, and signed student/parent agreements, to a certifier. (Certifiers can be school principals or the head of a county 4-H organization, Girl Scout council, American Red Cross chapter, YMCA or a Points of Light Global Network member.)
  • By November 15, 2019, certifiers select and certify top applicants for state-level judging.
  • On February 4, 2020, The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards announces state-level winners for 2020.


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Final day to work on planning Unit project
  • Final assessment will be a PPT presentation; due on Tuesday November 12
  • PPT presentations should include at least 10 slides (counting your introductory slide that contains all group member names)