Chemistry In The Earth System

Agenda week of May 4-May 8


  • pH sample problem tutorial; video link posted in Edmodo
  • Correct pH practice problems A-C, and E


  • Household Acid Base indicators video; link posted in Edmodo


  • Discuss properties of solutions
  • Notes: Solutions
  • Read pages 401-406; do 1-6 page 406
  • Acid Base quiz tomorrow: know the properties of acids and bases, the definitions and the people responsible for those definitions, pH range for acids and bases


  • Quiz: Acids and Bases
  • Correct 1-6 page 406; homework check /2
  • Notes: Liquid Mixtures and Colloids


  • Demo: Colloids; see video link in Edmodo
  • Notes: Factors that affect dissolving
  • Do #s 1-4 page 443; due Monday
  • Do Practice Problem B page 440 #s 1-4; due Monday