Chemistry In The Earth System

Agenda Week of May 18-22


  • Begin Global Warming unit; Brainstorm driving question: What is causing the global CO2 levels to rise and how else does it affect our planet?
  • Revisit Combustion activity (where we built a calorimeter): how does it apply to global warming?  Answer in your Experience notebook
  • Notes: Feedback systems
  • Homework: find a feedback system in your home and be prepared to describe it (Wednesday)


  • Notes: Kinetic molecular theory
  • Read 329-332
  • Do 1-7 page 332; due tomorrow


  • Correct 1-7 page 332; homework check /2
  • Discuss Kinetic Molecular theory; complete notes
  • Notes: Gases and Pressure; Diffusion


  • Video: Global Warming


  • Notes on Carbon cycle
  • Phenomena: pressure on a can
  • Notes: Water cycle