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October 2021

Daily Objectives

By AP Biology
  • The student will be able to explain how cells capture energy from light and transfer it to biological molecules for storage and use.
  • The student knows that Photosystems I and II are embedded in the internal membranes of chloroplasts and are connected by the transfer of higher electrons through the ETC.


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Bonding quiz review; complete the questions on bonding using the space provided or attaching a separate sheet as necessary
  • Using a PTE, figure out the clues to the names of elements on the table; you may use a textbook if necessary
  • Both due Monday


By AP Biology
  • Cell Respiration lab debrief; lab due today; this will be accepted as late as Monday without penalty
  • Cell Respiration lab quiz on Thursday Nov. 4; know know variables, name of equipment, purpose of experiment
  • Complete Chapter 7 summary
  • Begin Chapter 8 summary


By AP Biology
  • Submit Chapter 7 reading guide
  • Continue Chapter 7 summary: processes of aerobic respiration
  • Review Cell respiration lab (classic version) for homework