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November 17, 2021


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Using the class set, check your work for the SEPs assigned yesterday
  • Types of Reactions Demo
  • Notes: the Mole Concept
  • Do Mole concept problem set, all practice problems and Additional problems #s 1-3, 5; due Friday; all Additional Problems must be done on a separate piece of lined paper showing all steps and units in order to receive maximum credit
  • Lab quiz tomorrow: types of reactions and balancing chemical equations


By AP Biology
  • Cell Division lab:

1.Review cell overview slides (class)

2.View Part 2 of lab (page S87 of lab manual in Edmodo)

3.Do “Counting Cells and Analyzing Data” on page S88

4.We will look at the Chi square analysis at another time

5.View HeLa Case study slides (Edmodo)

  • We will complete the lab after we have looked at the process of Meiosis in the next unit