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February 15, 2022


By AP Biology
  • Begin Chapter 15: complete the Chapter 15 Diagram assignment using your textbook or the class set in the back of the room; page references are provided for both texts; due Thursday
  • Complete Bacteria lab; due tomorrow; bacteria lab quiz tomorrow; know: bacteria structure and function, growth types, cell wall composition

Daily Objective 2-15-22

By AP Biology
  • The student is able to describe the connection between the regulation of gene expression and observed differences between different kinds of organisms.
  • Explain how the location of regulatory sequences relates to their function.


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Read pages 66-72 in textbook
  • Do SEP (3) page 67, CCC (4) page 69, SEP (5) page 70, and SEP (6); due tomorrow
  • Complete guided questions for reading (h.o.); due tomorrow
  • Begin lab analysis questions; use information on the board to assist; lab due Thursday; lab quiz on Thursday