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March 2022


By AP Biology
  • Review Animal Behavior lab: see “Fruit Fly Behavior” and “Sac Zoo AP Biology Lab”; how do these lab relate to what you have learned so far about animal behavior
  • The Zoo visit is typically done in April; we will schedule our visit when we return to school
  • Students that choose to not visit the Zoo will modify the “Fruit Fly Behavior” lab by either collecting Fruit Flies or Pill Bugs (Rolly Pollies) and create a PPT presentation similar to the trifold
  • Regardless of choice, individual students will create a PPT for their presentation

Daily Objectives

By AP Biology
  • Explain how the behavioral and/or physiological response of an organism is related to changes in internal or external environment.
  • Explain how the behavioral responses of organisms affect their overall fitness and may contribute to the success of the population.