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March 24, 2022


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • See video link in Google Classroom
  • Questions from pH problem set? Complete the Additional Problems for Friday (3 pm); do on a separate piece of lined paper showing all of your work and boxing your final answer to receive credit
  • Discuss Strengths of Acids and Bases (page 154); do Applying Concepts (9) page 154
  • Revisit Investigative Phenomena (page 155); do SEP page 155
  • Discuss Reactions of Acids and Bases (page 156)
  • How can we increase the pH in a lake that has been affected by acid rain?
  • Do Sample Problem #12 page 158; due Friday

Daily Objectives 2-24-22

By AP Biology
  • The student is able to evaluate evidence provided by a data set in conjunction with a phylogenetic tree or a simple cladogram to determine evolutionary history and speciation.
  • The student is able create a phylogenetic tree or simple cladogram that correctly represents evolutionary history and speciation from a provided data set.


By AP Biology
  • BLAST lab day 2; due Saturday by 7 pm submitted via Edmodo
  • Submission must follow the guidelines in the lab manual and Edmodo
  • Include snapshots in Word document