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  • Flame test lab debrief; due tomorrow
  • Post lab quiz tomorrow; know: class of compound that is producing the colors and whether is a cation or anion, the difference between the ground and excited state, the two pieces of evidence we used to identify the unknown
  • Revisit Investigative Phenomenon: What causes the colors in a fireworks display? How would you adapt your original model?
  • Investigative phenomena: Why are elements in pure form so rare?
  • Do CCC (1) and SEP (2) page 131; discuss
  • Think Pair Share: What are examples of metals that have properties unlike other metals?
  • Discuss: how is the Periodic Table of the Elements (PTE) organized?
  • Read 131-136
  • Do SEP (4) page 134, SEP (5) page 135, and SEP (6) page 136