Honors Chemistry

Agenda week of April 27-May 1

By Honors Chemistry


  • Submit your attendance form via Google Classroom by 11 pm; this should be done each day
  • Continue work on Hess’ Law problem set; due tomorrow by 3 pm


  • Submit Hess’ Law problem set today by 3
  • Notes: Fossil fuels
  • Read 252-263
  • Supplement: Gibbs Free energy notes


  • Hess’ Law lab; follow instructions in the lesson folder in Edmodo
  • Lab due Friday by 3 pm


  • review unit exam summary concepts; no unit exam scheduled at this time
  • Zoom meeting at 10 am; session code and password are posted in Edmodo


  • Hess’ Law lab due today by 3 pm
  • Begin Nuclear chemistry
  • Notes: Nuclear decay
  • Read pages 841-846


By Honors Chemistry
  • Log into Google Classroom to submit your attendance form (this must be done each day); for more information see previous post
  • Complete specific heat problem set; see instructions for assignment format in Edmodo; due by 3 pm tomorrow
  • Read and answer questions in the CR 4-20-20 PPT in lesson folder in Edmodo
  • Read the slides from the 4-20-20 PPT in lesson folder in Edmodo