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AP Sith Training
(AP Biology)

Honors Sith History
(Honors Chemistry)

Clones In The Earth System
(Chemistry In The Earth System)

Death Star Academy

Sith Lord Mapplebeck

Death Star Room 63
(916) 277-6400 x1263


Clone Scholarship Federation
Droid Honors Society
Darth Maul Fan Club


Training is on an appointment basis only.  Please speak with Sith Lord Mapplebeck to coordinate a time to meet.

Course Content

AP Sith Training: Syllabus
Honors Sith History: Syllabus
Clones In The Earth System: Syllabus

Class Schedule

Period 1: Honors Sith History
Period 2: AP Sith Training
Period 3: AP Sith Training
Period 4: Clones In The Earth System
Period 5: PREP
Period 6: Clones In The Earth System

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