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WC Science

- Revenge Of The 6th! -

AP Sith History
(AP Biology)

Honors Korriban History
(Honors Chemistry)

Clones In The Earth System

Death Star Academy

Sith Lord Mapplebeck

Room 63
(916) 277-6400 x509163


Clone Scholarship Federation
Droid Honors Society


Training is on an appointment basis only.  Please speak with Sith Lord Mapplebeck to coordinate a time to meet.

Course Content

AP Sith Training: Syllabus
Honors Sith History: Syllabus
Clones In The Earth System: Syllabus

Class Schedule

Period 1: AP Sith Training
Period 2: AP Sith Training
Period 3: AP Sith Training
Period 4: Honors Sith History
Period 5: Meditation
Period 6: Clones In The Earth System

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