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Chemistry In The Earth System


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Warm-up; share privately (via email) or publicly with your seat partner or the community
  • Scientific notation problem set questions? Review Sample problems; due Thursday
  • Complete safety protocols; submit safety contract
  • Correct and submit metric system conversion worksheets


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Flipgrid video due today by 7 pm
  • Metric system problem set due tomorrow; general questions synchronous/asynchronous
  • Notes: Scientific notation
  • Scientific notation problem set: do all practice problems; do “Additional problems” #s 1-4 on a separate sheet of paper; due Thursday


By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Revisit CER results from Friday
  • Create a CER for a Chemistry or Earth Science
  • Note-taking procedure
  • Discuss the difference between inference and observations
  • How are models used in science?
  • Flipgrid assignment; due Thursday by 7 pm

Agenda 9-3-21

By Chemistry In The Earth System
  • Complete Course syllabus review; have your parents read and sign the document and return next week
  • How to access Edmodo
  • How to use the science website
  • PSA: Service clubs on campus
  • What is a CER? What are the applications in Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science